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Famous Tabors
Famous Tabor artists in US
Political Graveyard Index to US Politicians Lists 13 Tabors and 8 Tabers
City Gallery - Isaiah West Taber Isaiah West Taber - early US photographer (1830 - 1912)
Thomas Tabor at battle of Trafalgar 1805 Thomas Tabor - battle of Trafalgar 1806
Insitute of Historical Research - William Tabor William Tabor - Archdeacon of Essex, St. Paul's, London, 1585-1603
Leadville - Horace Tabor Horace & Baby Doe Tabor - Mine owner, US Senator etc 1830 - 1935
Tabor discussion groups - Taber Family Forum Taber discussion Group - Tabor Family Forum Tabor discussion Group
Tabor places and facts
Tabor Mars Crater Photo of Tabor Crater, Mars:  a 20km crater at 36.0 south, 58.5 west.
Tabor coat of arms  Information on the Tabor coat of arms
Flags of Tabor city, Czech Republic Flags of Tabor city, Czech Republic
Information on the Czech town of Tabor
Tabors mentioned in historical documents
Sale of land to Thomas Tabor 1691 Includes "15 Jan 1691 sold 50 acres of land in Dartmouth to Thomas Tabor for ten pounds"
Elizabethan Life:  Essex crimes Details of Tabor involved in crime in Elizabethan Essex
Frome Marriages 1558-1652 Shows an early Tabor marriage in Frome, Somerset, UK from 1574
Public Record Office  DocumentsOnline  Home Includes wills of UK Tabors from 1611
London Gazette - Thomas Tabor's medal Thomas Tabor's medal for Bravery in the Battle of the Somme, 1917
Gloucestershire Probate Records 1577-1599 - GENUKI  1592 - Rich Taber
Frome - Family and Local History Loads of Tabors mentioned in and around Frome, Somerset, UK
Tabor in Somerset, UK Search Results for Tabors in Somerset
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site Descendants of Sir John Tabor 1514, USA
Taber Family Tree Oz Starting with Thomas Tabor who emigrated to Australia in 1797  peter james tabor 2004  

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