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The History of the Frome Line of the Tabors 

Tracing a family history always presents problems and many families, particularly those with common names, can establish their history only back two or three generations. 

Since 1837 there has been, in   England  and   Wales  , a legal obligation to register all births, deaths, marriages and adoptions.  These records are kept at the General Register Office in   London  , formerly Somerset House.  There have been no particular difficulties in tracing the Tabor history back to that date, with copies of all relevant marriage, birth and death certificates being obtained. 

Prior to 1837 reliance has to be placed on parish church and non conformist church records.  Census records can also help.  The first United Kingdom  census was held in 1801, and at ten year intervals ever since, but these were often inaccurate or incomplete.  In some towns there was a census before 1801. 

Before 1837 it seems that the Tabors were non conformists, which has led to difficulties, as records of non conformist chapels were often scanty or have been lost.  Fortunately all marriages between 1754 and 1837 had to take place in an Anglican church.  It has been possible to trace the Tabor history back to 1777 through chapel, church and census records.  (There was a census in 1785 in Frome, where the family lived.)

Prior to 1777 the Tabor history is speculative although it is known that the Thomas Tabor, who married in Frome in 1777 was born in about 1746.  It is not yet known where he was born but probably in Frome or if not then almost certainly within   Somerset  or Wiltshire.  A few possible outlines of family history have been sketched but until a definite date and place of birth of the Thomas who married in 1777 are established these are very much only possibilities. 

Written by Denis Tabor, 25 August 1998

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